Terms You Need to Know as a Parent: Accreditation

Each Wednesday, we’ll share Parent Education posts – content that covers specifics about our school, classroom curriculum, Montessori in the home, and information that’s relevant to parenting in general. Today we’re beginning a new series: Terms You Need to Know as a Parent. The name “Montessori” can be used by any establishment, regardless of the […]

Montessori Philosophy: What are the Montessori Planes of Development?

Montessori education is based upon three planes of development: birth to age six, age six to twelve, and age twelve to eighteen. As Gretchen Hall, Director of Training at the Montessori Training Center of New England, described in her 2011 article How Science Fits Into the Whole Montessori Curriculum (The NAMTA Journal, Vol. 36, No. […]

An Introduction to the Montessori Math Curriculum

Have you ever wondered how math is taught in the Montessori classroom? This video, an excerpt from a series by Montessori educational video producer edvid.com, provides a great overview of the Montessori math curriculum, moving from sensorial work in the primary classroom through concrete and abstract concepts in the elementary environment. An Introduction to the […]

The First of the Five Great Lessons: The Story of Creation

The Five Great Lessons are a key part of the Montessori Lower Elementary curriculum. Designed to both introduce the child to large concepts and illustrate how smaller ideas and elements are a part of the whole, the Great Lessons provide an overview of history, from the beginning of the universe to the developments, discoveries, and […]

Technology and Your Child’s Brain

Technology is part of our children’s lives. Here’s a short video examining one researcher’s opinion regarding technology and children. After watching, you may decide to do more research to make a family decision regarding the amount of technology your family allows.

What Is Cosmic Education?

You may hear the term “Cosmic Education” when discussing the Elementary curriculum at MAV. But what is Cosmic Education, and how is it valuable to the child’s experience? Cosmic Education is an educational approach founded by the Italian physician-educator Maria Montessori in the first half of the 20th century and developed in detail by her […]

Teaching Kids to Recognize and Label Their Emotions

Has your child ever been so upset but they couldn’t tell you why? Want to help your children communicate better with each other? This is a great article that will introduce ways to help your child recognize and label their feelings. 11 Ways to Teach Kids to Recognize and Label Their Emotions