Uma Narayan

Lower Elementary

Uma was born in India and attended Osmania University in Hyderabad, India where she obtained a Masters in English Literature. Uma is dually certified in the Primary and Elementary Montessori teaching curriculum from the North American Montessori Center. Uma began teaching in 2000 and feels the most exciting and effective parts of the Montessori curriculum are the concrete presentations of math and geometry lessons.

Uma describes a top teaching moment: “I just love to see the student’s face light up when reaching understanding of a math concept. The child-centered method appeals to me and I the learning triangle created by the teacher, child and the prepared environment fascinating! The progression from concrete to abstraction is a fool-proof approach to learning that makes learning a unique experience for the students. Teaching is my passion as it is very rewarding and fulfilling for me to lay a strong education foundation upon which the future of these tender children is built.”

Uma has a 27-year old son and a 21-year old daughter. She lives in Johns Creek with her husband and mother-in- law. She loves to cook and listen to music. She hopes to someday visit Australia and Mediterranean Europe.