Montessori Primer: Nurturing a Lifelong Learner

Lifelong learning is jargon that has been floating in the educational world in recent years. But what exactly does a lifelong learner look like? The Montessori method provides the framework of the ideal habits of learning – habits that will sustain students the rest of their lives. Surprisingly, the phrase “lifelong learning” has roots not in the educational world, but as jargon in the 1970’s that was popularized in European intergovernmental agencies in the 1990’s. Europe was seeking to change educational policies to create a stronger global economy. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, governments around the world adopted this platform to make education a priority.

So what does a “lifelong learner” look like at MASS? We believe that constant self-improvement and pursuit of passions is a natural human tendency that begins at birth. If fostered, this urge never goes away. We witness the child who engages in play outside with his friends, peace conversations between two students with opposing views, and the sense of confidence as the students share their research. We believe parents are the best role models for their children. To encourage lifelong learning in your child, it is important to demonstrate what it looks like.

Lifelong learners:

Challenge Their Minds
Regularly reading, writing, and completing puzzles keeps the mind engaged

Exercise Their Bodies
Habits of fitness lead to positive self-image, and building core strength increases ability to focus and concentrate.

Stay Socially Connected
Interacting with family, friends, or volunteer improves communication skills and ability to work together with others

Stay In School
Take classes in areas you love (sewing class, programming class, yoga)

Are Confident
Those who can control their feelings, control their choices

Manage Stress
Stay as calm and positive as possible in all situations

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Montessori Primer: The Child Whisperer

We have all been there. Embattled in a test of patience in the middle of the store as our child is throwing what we think is largest temper tantrum seen by man. We stand there waiting, cheeks warm and red, as we scope out the nearest possible exit doors. We have read every book on the topic; we should ignore it, talk it out, remove the child, leave the child at home, but none of that works. Here we are again, not winning.

The Child Whisperer by bestselling author Carol Tuttle delves into the topic of personalities and parenting to the personality of your child. Children tell their parents every day how to parent them by their behavior. Children are unique and so should be the way they are parented. Honoring children begins with recognizing who they are.

The Child Whisperer reveals to the reader the key to raising cooperative children by simply understanding and responding to the nature of your unique child. After reading, you will find that this will help you customize your parenting to your individual child.

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